Mr and Mrs Williams 18th March 2017

Sometimes I ponder a little on my chosen profession…I am just so lucky that I meet couples and after 15 minutes have gone, I feel like I am talking to an old friend with so much to talk about, their wedding being number one. Lots of laughter and ideas are thrown into the conversation. Where departing I so look forward to our next catch up, with lots of messages and emails in between.
 Yesterday I met a couple for the first time. On their Wedding Day, off we went to Lake Mckenzie on Fraser Island. I have to say was more than a little mega hot with a few blisters to remind me. lol.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Williams. A lovely romantic ceremony witnesses by their parents… .and after a cold champs to toast the newlyweds….. It was Great meeting you all..
Thank You for sharing such an important moment in your lives…
looking forward to some pic’s x …talk soon

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